Sadarbības projekts ar Polijas pilsētu Olesnica

Town Twinng project – Description
“Intercultural Dialog-To Build the Future of EU Debating on Eurosceptism”

The Town Twinning Project “Intercultural Dialog-To Build the Future of EU
Debating on Eurosceptism” promoted by GOK Oleśnica, was the project building
partnership between different European Municipalities with the aim to strength the
sense of belonging to Europe in order to fight the feeling Europhobic among citizens.
The meeting focused on understanding and debating Euroscepticism by the point of
view of citizens, in especially way now that it has become a reality that requires
further examination, debating and understanding and discussing about
Euroscepticisms and pro EU feelings.
The event in Municipality of Oleśnica supported the brotherhood between the citizens
involved and they were called to discussion and comparing on the European
priorities’ and future of the EU Agenda.
The project involved the GOK Oleśnica (PL) Jugend-& Kulturprojekt (GE), Moving
Europe (Italy), Pro Kalondiensis (SK) Rodeiro (ES) Amata (LV) Hévízgyörk Község
Önkormányzata (HU) and Svaz Madaru zijících v ceských zemích (CZ).
The event was held in Municipality of Olesnica (Poland) from 23 to 29 August 2019.
The activities had been highly participated and interactive by citizens and young
people with organization of meetings, seminaries, workshops, discussions and
debates, capacity building, round table discussions, exchanges of best practices and
other activities in order to develop an active citizenship and to foster interactions
between the citizens’ involved.
The project was addressed through a methodology of non-formal working in which
the citizens were the real actors of the project with their opinions, experiences and
point of view. In this way Europe is more visible and touchable reality. Furthermore
the sign of brotherhood oath was the occasion to create a long lasting cooperation and
a solid friendship and to assure that the citizens felt more European. Therefore,
participants were encouraged to exchange opinions and best practices.

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