Amata district borders with Ligatne, Sigulda, Cesis, Pargauja, Malpils, Ogre, Ergli and
Vecpiebalga districts.
The territory of Amata district is 745,51 km2 from which 447, 61 km2 is forested, 219, 61 km2 is agricultural land and 78, 58 km2 -other.

There are 5500 inhabitants living in the territory. The density is 8,6 people per km2.
The largest centres are Ģikši, Līvi, Drabeši, Ieriķi, Bille and Kārļi.

Both the highway A2 Riga-Veclaicene and the railway line Riga-Valmiera cross the district and the municipality of Drabesi.
Part of the district is located in Gauja National Park, which is the first and the biggest national park in Latvia.

The landscape of the territory is shaped by hills, ravines, valleys, rivers, including the fastest Latvian rivers Amata and Gauja, as well as lakes that make it rich on beautiful landscapes and unique nature. District has the name of the river Amata that starts, ends and meanders through the whole territory of the district. It`s valleys gets much deeper down-river from the Vidzeme highway. Here the river has carved its way throught dolomite, and today there are a number of major cliffs on its shores

The territory around the Amata River ha san ancient history, rich in adventure. The Āraiši lake castle is a very popular tourist attraction, offering a unique visualisation of the way in which people lived 1 000 years ago. The lake castle is a major archeological monumenti n Latvia, because in the 9th and 10th centuries AD it was the home of ancient Lettigalians. The Āraiši lake itself is also worth mentioning, because it is beautiful and popular destination. In Āraiši also there are Drabeši Manor with Amata crafthouse, Āraiši church and Āraiši windmill.
In Ieriķi is situated Nature trail of Ieriķi Mill where guests can enjoy the picturesque view of the waterfalls of River Melderupite. One of the great prides of the Skuejene parish is the legendary Elkas hill. It is the highest hillock in the area and was an ancient cult location. This is the place where Gauja River originates- a stone with an inscription to that effect is nearby.
There are Museum of a writer and cultural historian Melanija Vanaga, which tells about her life, family and their destinies, as well as her literary activities. Near the school is Siberian dugout where visitors can travel to the place of exile of M. Vanaga – Tyhtet in Krasnoyarsk Krai. Thera are a loto f unique videos about Siberia and Siberian Latvians in the collection of the museum.
One of the most exotic tourism objects in Amata is Raksi ZOO, where visitors can see animals like camels, lamas, guanako and others and also caress them, feed with specially supplied treats and go on a hiking tour by entrusting carrying of picnic baskets to lamas.

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